Blacks in Bible History Black Bible Characters Profiled in The Complete Works of Blacks in the Bible Illustrated only $18.75 What book of the Bible was Sole Dedicated to a Black woman?

"In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." It was not called the Atlantic but by the name of a prominent African country until renamed in the1690s. Order your history for $18.75

 Blacks in the Black Type in: Blacks in the Bible I am founder of the Black Race

Slave owning Europeans claimed I was cursed to justify enslaving all black people. My son Canaan was cursed not me! Yet no slave ship went to the land of Canaan to collect slaves.

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I was Africa's Greatest King

Joseph summoned his 11 Hebrew brothers and their 56 sons to my African kingdom, where they married the African women of my land called "the land of Ham". Who am I? Just $18.75

My name is Egypt  but Bible translators write my name in Hebrew as Mizraim, I am Noah's grandson! width= Type in: Blacks in the Bible

European Bible translators disguise my name in Hebrew, but the NIV Bible has it right in Genesis 10:6. My name is Egypt and my father founded the Black race, so why are Caucasians claiming my people, ancient Egyptians, were white? Dad gave me "the land of Ham" Ps 105:23. Noah was my grandfather. Get this book to find what else is being hid from you. Your Bible contains many Scriptures from my bible called the "Book of the dead". There's a reason Whites did not allow Blacks that they enslaved to read. Order now just while $18.75 for the holidays

My Husband Received the Ten Commandments Type in: Blacks in the Bible

I'm holding the 10 Commandments that God gave my husband who wrote the first 5 books of the Bible. Yes Moses was my husband God loved me so much that He turned Moses' sister white because she did not like my Ethiopian skin Numbers 12:1-4. Whites told each other the God changed people's skin black that displeased Him. Educate yourself with this book's chapter "the Color of skin versus the color of Skin" and find the truth yourself.

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Arabs enslaved blacks and now occupy many North African countries. So, why do Black Muslims trade in their American slave names for Arabic ones? Arabs descend from Shem not Ham. Click to order $18.75

I was the first King of Mankind Type in: Blacks in the Bible

I was the first king in the Bible, and I ruled all of mankind. Whites in the West use my name to refer to an oaf or an uncouth person because I beat them down in that book that your Bible refers to that should be in your working knowledge, but your Bible colleges and seminaries do not have you read it while your Bible tell you too! The British call their royal air force by name. Know your original Black History that God hid in plain sight in your Bible. Just $18.75

I was cursed yet whites say my father was cursed Type in: Blacks in the Bible

"A curse causeless shall not come" Prov. 26:2. When my grandfather Noah was drunk, I did a horrible thing to him. After he sobered he cursed me and my progeny to be slaves. Who am I?

I am the African virgin who Joseph saved his virginity for Type in: Blacks in the Bible

My sons Ephraim and Manasseh are half-black and half-Jewish bear the blessing of Abraham. The covenant name of God is now "The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Manassah and Ephraim." Caucasians did not share in the blessing of Abraham till the New Testament

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Can an Ethiopian Change his Skin or a leapord its spots...

Minister Louis Farrakhan, "There is nothing new under the sun," you followed my footsteps in marshaling a million black men to march. I used my million to invade a nation. Who am I?

I am the African Mother of the First Arab Type in: Blacks in the Bible

As Thomas Jefferson had sex with his African slave and disowned his offspring, I was Father Abraham's African sex slave & his wife made him disowned my son and sent us away.

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I named Moses after the African King Thutmoses. I am the African princess who rescued him from the Nile River and passed him off as my son in line for Egypt's throne. Who am I?

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I am the Queen of Ethiopians.  I had a child by a famous King. Order Blacks in the Bible and learn Biblical Black History Type in: Blacks in the Bible

Jews acknowledge that I was the African Queen that had a love affair with the wisest man in the world and bore his son. Our progeny ruled Ethiopia until 1975. Who am I?

I was the last man to help Jesus the Messiah Type in: Blacks in the Bible

I was the last man to help Jesus the Messiah. I carried his cross to the hill of Golgotha where the head of the black giant named Goliath of Gath is buried. Who am I?

Sissy is in the Dictionary because of me.  Order Blacks in the Bible to learn my exploits! Type in: Blacks in the Bible

I ordained the Apostle Paul and Barnabas to go on a missionary journey. My name means black and an African country bears my name. Who am I?

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