Biblical Black History
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Asenath of Africa Sons Granted the Blessing of Abraham

The Woman for whom Joseph Saved His Virginity

This black woman is who Joseph saved his virginity for from a black seductress in the Egypt, Land of Ham (father of the black races). Asenath was the daughter of an African priest, who named her after a black goddess the Greeks renamed Minerva. Asenath was a native of Africa and all of her in-laws were Jewish. She met her in laws when her husband summoned all the Jews in the world to Africa to weather a famine. The Scripture details of the sex of each of the seventy souls that issued from the loins of Jacob/Israel father of the Hebrews, and according to the Genesis account the total Jewish population was in Africa and they numbered 70 and only two of them were female, Asher's granddaughter and Jacob's daughter Diana who had been defiled i.e. raped. Thus, as it was stated in Spike Lee's movie, Malcolm X, intellectually honest Jews acknowledge that they began as a people of color in Africa with Joseph's 11 brothers and their sons totaling 56 bachelors who had only 2 Jewish females to keep their bloodline purely Semitic. They interacially married women of the land of Ham as their father married some Canaanites and Philistine women both tribe that had roots in Ham, father of the black races. (Gen. 10:6-14)

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I am Joseph's wife and I am from Africa

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