Biblical Black History
Volume I-IV
The Complete 
Works of Blacks in the Bible


“A curse causeless shall not come.” (Proverbs 26:2) Besides Adam bringing the curse of death to the human race, the only other man responsible for the universal condemnation of an entire race of people was Canaan the cursed. Because of this man, many white Christians played make believe that all descendants of Ham, the Black race, were cursed to be slaves. For scores of years, the Mormon religion, Southern Baptists, and certain sects in Western Christendom wrongfully sanctioned discriminatory practices toward African men, women, and children by preaching bigotry and prejudice from their pulpits. These religionists believed that the Scriptures authorized the enslavement of all Ham’s descendants of the Black race. No other character in Scripture has confused Bible scholars more than this black man named Canaan. Early church fathers from White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP) backgrounds and those from the Europeanized Catholic Church’s form of Christianity, switch the curse from off Canaan on to his father Ham, founder of the Black race. The false teaching that Ham was cursed is still widely promoted on Christian websites. In early America when some whites desired to enslave black people with a clear conscience and for personal gain, their Eurocentric religious sects began teaching that every descendant of Ham carried the curse of slavery and not just Canaan’s descendants. As a result of shameless so called Bible scholarship, sects in Western Christendom wrongly lay Canaan’s sin at his father Ham’s feet. The wise King Solomon stated, “He that begetteth [births] a fool does this to his own sorrow” (Pro 17:21). Genesis 9 repeatedly states that “Ham is the father of Canaan”. Unfortunately Ham experienced such sorrow because his youngest son, Canaan, did an extremely foolish thing unto Noah and was cursed with the sorrowful burden of slavery that passed on to his offspring called Canaanites. Though Ham’s other descendants are not connected to the curse that belonged exclusively to the Canaanites, many of them have unjustly borne the grief of Canaan’s curse.

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