Biblical Black History
Volume I


The Sun King of "the land of Ham" that said, "Who is the LORD, that I should obey him and let Israel go? I do not know the LORD neither will I let Israel go." (Exodus 5:3)
I am from a line of Kings that predate any nation of Europe and Abraham, father of the Jews and the Arabs invaders that dare occupy my land now and raid my tombs "curses be upon them". We are known as Pharaohs which means Sun Kings and we ruled the land Ham known as Egypt. (Psalms 105:27) One a my great grandfathers took Abraham's wife from him and had placed her in his harem but plagues began taking place so he let her go. Hundreds of years later, a stuttering black skinned Jew, who formerly passed as an African prince in my father's palace in line for my throne, shows up before me stuttering "La la la leeeeeet mymymy p p p p people go." I could barely understand the old man. He looked to be in his 80s, so I told him as kindly as I could that I did not know his God and neither would I let his "p p p p people go" had a good laugh and sent him on his way. Then plagues began happening to my African people and myself. This Jew named Moses became a problem. I asked him his God's name and he said I AM. I threatened his life but he was relentless and destroyed my nation with plagues. I laughed at first but he made me cry latter, and buried my body not in a honorable pyramid but beneath the Red Sea. His I AM; God taught me He is not to be trifled with. This Jew took my three million slaves, a mixed multitude; of Jews and Ethiopians, out of my kingdom along with my good peoples' jewels, silver and gold and it brought my country to it economic knees. But the half has not been told until you read of my people the Pharaohs in Blacks in the Bible, The Complete Works. And to think that we welcomed the Jews in our land, the land of Ham, they arrived with only two Jewish women of childbearing age and one of them had been raped by the cursed Canaanites. We gave their 56 bachelors our wholesome women to marry after giving them the best land in our kingdom known as Ramesse that being the land of Goshen, we welcome them when they were strangers dying of famine and this is the thanks I get. I hated the God of Israel in my heart. Why why why didn't I listen!? I must have been insane.... Order The Complete Works of Black in the Bible Only $17.99!
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King Tut the Living Image of Amun of the Land of Ham
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