Biblical Black History
Volume I
Blacks in the Bible Vol. I,II,III

Child of the Greatest King in Africa

As an Egyptian, my people believe in good hygiene, good cleanliness, and as an African princess, I enjoy looking good, we were the first to have make up, and I also enjoy smelling good with our oils and expensive perfumes. One gorgeous day, I was escorted by my maidens to the Nile to bathe, and there I spied a basket, so I sent my servant-girl to fetch it. And when I opened it, I saw a brown babe that was circumcised. Its circumcision let me know it was a Jewish baby. My father issued a command that all Hebrew (Jewish) male babies should be killed. But when this baby cried, he melted my heart and I wanted him to be mine. It wasn't hard because he was so dark that I knew that I could pass him off as my father's, the greatest king in Africa's, grandson, if only I could keep his pants up. Order Blacks in the Bible and read it to your children. How a black princess saved Moses life. If you think this book is expensive its not. Its priceless. Get one for your loved one! The perfect gift for the low price of $17.99.

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Pharaoh's Daughter
I rescued Moses

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Blacks in the Bible